Center & Asset Management

This is where everything comes together. The team from 3 Oaks Management is guiding and supporting both investors, owners and brand partners through a detailed day-to-day process. 

Fast, reliable and always with a holistic view on the center evolution. As a result, center & Asset Management at its best.

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The essence of business for investors and owners?

Much more than that. Foreseeing trends in brands evolution and performance; creating a well balanced offer to consumers and enabling brand partners to cater to their brand equity are all equally important. 

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So much more than construction. A long-term plan to create a destination, define a modus operandi, linking the project to the local and regional partners – this list is long.

We will help you, from site assessment, feasibilty studies, investment drafts and project execution.

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Retail Performance

Some say, retail is detail, some say it´s blood, sweat and tears. 

Whatever your take on this may be, there is no success without an intense, partnership-based attitude with our brand partners. For instance, action plans, growth plans, staffing issues, VM topics – we´re there to guide you through.

Whatever is needed, 3 Oaks Management is there to take it on.

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Marketing Communications

Everybody has an opinion about marketing, rightfully so – aren´t we all consumers, too?

But how do you really speak to consumers, do you know where they live? Which media channels are they actively using?

We try to go beyond the ordinary and start establishing real consumer relations and interactions. The digitalization of communication helps. However, without a fitting physical platform it is nothing.

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Before stepping into operational and/or development work, there should be a moment to think, collect insights and recommendations as well as professional advice.

From center enhancements and repositionings to simple questions about the future of an asset: We are there to  guide and support you.

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Experience and gut feel helps supporting any business. Moreover, preparing necessary analytics, recommendations and relfecting its findings from all angles, backs up your decisions. 

From a deep commercial due diligence to a future outlook on your competitive environment, we are there to provide you with all input needed, before guiding you into the operational business.

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How often do we hear about showing sustainability through certificates? Well, these are just one side of the coin. Looking forward, any operational or strategic work will do well, having a pragmatic sustainable approach.

How to drive energy consumption in leasing advantages, how to link your asset to the local educational network, there is so much to apply and benefit from.

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